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Design Circle is the southern branch of the Royal Society of Architects in Wales [RSAW]. It represents 600 of approximately 830 registered architects across Wales and is an organisation run for and by architects and designers. It provides aprofessional and social platform for its members, as well as those of the wider construction design professions.


Since the establishment of Design Circle, it has aimed to raise the profile of architecture in Wales, through the organisation of a number of successful high profile events and exhibitions. These include the Roath Basin Design Charette (Youtube Video Link), the Reflecting Wales Exhibition, held at the National Assembly building in 2008, and the successful competition to design and build the 2012 Eistefdordd Architecture pavilion.


Over the past few years Design Circle has focused on tackling issues surrounding the potential City Regional Metro through an ongoing programme called MUD - Metro Urban Density.  

Top 5 event 'Connections' , the MUD Design Charrette, the MUD Report and FlashMUD events have all highlighted the need for creative thinking about the benefit that the new Metro could bring to the people and communities within the region. Design Circle will continue to champion this approach and hopes to hold futher events over the forthcoming year.



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