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My Kind Of: Home

28 Jul 2015


Marcelle Newbold is an architect with Purcell, and the current chair of Women in Property


My kind of home is within a community, built for sharing and collective enjoyment; with immediate neighbours to talk to, safe roads for play, allotments to grow produce and room enough for dinner with extended family and friends.


My kind of home is a home of conscience; economic, using little energy, treading softly, lightly and healthily. It is a home of resource; providing energy to the grid, vegetables for dinner and flowers for the table.


My kind of home provides shelter; security of familiarity, privacy for reflection, a nook for a favourite book, protection from extremes of weather and environs for nature to use.


My kind of home enables involvement; the overheard sound of a lawnmower, a friendly hello of passing dog walker, a spontaneous football match, a quiet place to watch the world go by.


My kind of home affords space for breathing; just sitting and enjoying, a distant view to drink in, an opportunity to linger a while on a bench in the street, a tree to climb and green space to explore.


And my kind of home is a home for life; adaptable and evolving overtime to meet life’s changing needs.



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