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Top 5 May2014

05 May 2015


Another fantastic Top 5 event!


Top 5 is an informal and relaxed series of presentations and debates over a drink from Architects and Artists.


The basic premise of Top 5 is simple:


A presenter has 5 minutes to present 5 images (we are fairly relaxed on the time keeping, as long as people are not taking 5 mins per image!). 

The images be representative of something that inspires you.......or the image 'itself' is one that inspires you or you feel passionate about.  The images can be linked by an overarching theme, or totally disparate.....



This events  presenters were:


Julias Brooker _ local arctist


Adam burtt-Jones _ workplace design consultant


Mark Wilson _ interface Flooring


Stills _ branding agency


Shaun Prichard_architect


Emma price EMP projects.




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