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My Kind Of: Planning System

12 May 2015

My kind of... Planning System

My kind of planning system is one which takes spreads risk along the process gradually, not concentrating it into a single point. It's a kind of planning system that actually plans, thinking ahead about what places need and providing a framework for private and public sector to slot in to, or challenge if necessary. It's a planning system that worries about the gaps between buildings at least as much as the buildings, and a planning system that cares less about architectural styling and more about materiality, massing and movement. My kind of planning system is the kind of system that gives an early approval to basic principles and works with me to get the rest right as a process, not a predicament. It's a planning system that therefore let's those wanting to develop sensibly secure funding for their professional teams early on, and thereby gets better buildings by better quality early design input, not shoestring 'pay you later' work. It's a planning system that moves proper democratic processes to the development plan stage, asking us all what kind of place we want to live in when we can actually make a difference, then sets about putting stepping stones in place to get to that place, not a system that engages with the public late enough to leave them disenfranchised and convinced of corruption. My kind of planning system gives me a massing framework and let me be creative about how I work within it. It lets me deliver my expertise and in so doing, helps me to help society towards a built environment we actually want to spend time in and amongst. It's a system that's accountable and challengable, but above all, my kind of planning systems is a planning system that actually plans ahead...

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